The Best BISSELL Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaners

When your vacuum cleaner comes to a sputtering halt and you decide that it’s time to get a new one, there are many things to consider.

The first step, of course, is to go the internet and start reading through the millions of vacuum reviews out there.

The next step, naturally, is to sit around in a bewildered daze, wondering how in the world you are going to make the right choice given all of the contradictory reviews you are faced with.

If you find yourself in this unenviable position, there is only one solution. Take a deep breath, take a step back, and start from the beginning.

Best BISSELL Hardwood Vacuum

According to the vacuum buying guide on, there are plenty of great hardwood floor vacuum machines on the market today, but the best vacuum for you is the one that most fully meets all of your cleaning needs. So the first thing to do is to settle on a well-rated, dependable brand and then choose a vacuum cleaner from among their product list.

After all, it stands to reason that any vacuum cleaner you purchase from a reputable company will stand the test of time. Take BISSELL, for instance. They are one of the best rated companies in the industry, and their products always get rave reviews from customers.

While BISSELL has many products to choose from, some of their most popular sellers include:

  • BISSELL 81M9 Trilogy Deep Cleaner: If you have a large family and your home sees a lot of coming and going, you know how quickly the floors can get dirty. The BISSELL Trilogy cleaner is a steam cleaner that does far more than most steam cleaners can. Apart from tackling your hardwood floors and tile surfaces, this cleaner can also function as a deep cleaner for your carpets. A far better option than renting a rug cleaner once a year, the BISSELL Trilogy is an exceptional value for money and the perfect choice for busy homes.
  • BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Dual Cyclonic Vacuum: There is nothing more important to a pet lover than a solid, reliable vacuum cleaner that can be counted on to pull stray fur and dander from the thickest of pile carpets and the tightest of corners. As most pet owners know, the vast majority of vacuum cleaners simply swirl the fur around, lacking the suction it takes to pull them up. The Pet Hair Eraser, however, is designed specifically to deal with animal dander and its built-in HEPA filter ensures that you end up with a clean and comfortable house.
  • BISSELL OptiClean Bagless Canister Vacuum: Lightweight and portable, the OptiClean bagless cleaner is easy to maneuver into tight corners and powerful enough to pick up your toughest messes. Featuring a HEPA filter and all of the standard cleaning attachments, the OptiClean is perfect for multi-story homes and ideal for people who require a vacuum cleaner that is easy to pick up and move around. The OptiClean works well on all hardwood, tile, and carpeted surfaces, and uses its rotating brushes to quickly convert from one suction setting to the next as you move from hard flooring to carpets.

BISSELL offers a broad line of vacuum cleaners, including the ones discussed above, so go through the list and find the one that is best suited to you. As long as it’s a BISSELL, it is guaranteed to last and do the job right, regardless of which one you end up choosing.

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