The Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F

As much of an animal lover you may be, constantly caring for your pet cats and dogs, there is likely to be a moment when your enduring affection towards these beloved creatures turns into frustration. A possible example is when they roam around the house, shedding fur all over the place. Good news for you is that with the emergence of the Mighty Mite 3684F cleaner, your home can be as clean as ever even with an animal roaming the perimeters.

Ideal for clearing up on the pet hair, this canister vacuum model comprises a HEPA filter that is capable of capturing almost the entire quantity of pet dander, allergens and dust. Weighing in at less than nine pounds, you can easily get it into spaces where pet hair often tends to linger and get rolled up into little dust bunnies.

If you have hardwood flooring in the house, then there is every possibility that you keep it covered to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface. Removing the pet fur from the floor coverings and carpets can be a tedious process. The Pet Power Paw attachment feature on it comes in very handy for cleaning and removing animal fur from not only your carpets but also the upholstery in your home. It has plastic teeth that loosen the dirt, a rubber strip for grabbing it and bristles that aid in the removal.

In case you have your hardwood flooring left uncovered, then too this cleaner can be of great use to you as it features multiple cleaning tools that can be used cleaning your bare floor surfaces and area rugs around the home. The blower port is an excellent innovation that helps you to blow away the little dust particles populating your floor.


Some of the unique features that you can associate solely with this canister-type vacuum cleaner model are as follows:

  • Good reach: Apart from having a 20-foot long cord, the vacuum device also has a telescopic wand and seven-foot long hose, all of which combine together to give you the most extended reach thereby allowing you to reach into the most inaccessible of regions around your home for cleaning.
  • Suction power: There is no cause for you to worry as to how much power this appliance is capable of delivering. With a 12-amp capacity electric motor, it will be pack enough power to take care of all your vacuuming needs.
  • Lightweight: Compact and light in design, this Eureka vacuum cleaner weighs a mere nine pounds so if you intend to carry it around the house for cleaning every nook and corner, that should not be too much of a problem. Moreover, the appliance also features large rear wheels that further facilitates easy transportation.
  • Safety: The device has an automatic shutdown system so as to prevent an overheating of the engine of the appliance. Such a situation normally arises when the hose gets clogged, the filter becomes dirty or the dust bag reaches maximum capacity. There is also provision for you to wrap the cord under the device when not in use so that it won’t cause undue safety concerns.


Some of the advantages that you will find with the use of this vacuum cleaner may be listed as under:

  • The unique blower port feature is capable of blowing the pet hair and dirt away from your floor to trash it up in its bin.
  • Lightweight feature allows you to carry it around and get into every nook and corner for cleaning. Pet hair may not be too difficult to clean but when they get into inaccessible regions, their removal can prove to be a herculean task.
  • The telescopic wand allows for removal of dirt from all possible surfaces inside your home.
  • The Pet Power Claw attachment feature allows you to remove pet hair from the rugs and carpets on the floor even though they may be hard to tell apart from one another.


As is the case with all things, there cannot be positives without a certain amount of negatives. Some of the disadvantages of using this vacuum cleaner model are as follows:

  • Incomplete instructions in the user manual makes it difficult for certain features to be used in the correct manner.
  • The ring on the handle of the appliance must be rotated for adjusting the suction. If you rotate it unmindfully, the adjustment may end up being set in an inappropriate manner.
  • Both the telescoping rods and hoses are difficult to manage.
  • The dust bags need to be changed frequently along with cleansing of the filters whenever needed if you want to use the vacuum cleaning appliance without too much of a hassle.


This Eureka pet vacuum is also an excellent vacuum for hardwood floors and one of the best vacuum for pet hair with its sleek and compact design, which allows you to efficiently clean all around your household. The appliance is also light in weight and can hence be manually transported along from one place to another.

It also boasts allergen-reducing and odor-eliminating dust bags and HEPA filters. Although certain disadvantages may be present for this product, if you consider its overall features the vacuum cleaner is of immense help.

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