Pros and Cons of Using Steam to Clean Hardwood

Steam has been used as a safe and effective way of cleaning hardwood floors for many years, it works better than cold water when it comes to removing stains and also forms high quality lather when mixed with soap or detergents.


  • It helps in melting away dirt/grime adhesion thus making it easier for one to wipe out muck.
  • The technique helps in killing germs and microbes that may be hiding under the board, this isn’t possible with typical damp mops. Foul odors are also dealt with resolutely.
  • It doesn’t require the use of harsh cleaning agents that may pose a health hazard to users. However, when using this system ensure that the cleaner is adjusted to dry steam mode. Wet vapor can spell disaster to hardwood by increasing flaking and the allergy problem.
  • Steam cleaners are available in different brands that one can choose from, with each unit featuring unique attributes such as temperature control knobs and capacity.
  • Steam uses very negligible amounts of water which is measure in quarts an hour, compared to other cleaning devices that use gallons per minute.
  • The inherently low moisture content that’s characteristic of this technology makes it suitable for use in enclosed places, such as commercial buildings and home residences. A great and safe way to clean your floors with ease.


  • Operating it is quite technical especially for the first-time users, you have to seek clarification with the user-manual every now and again.
  • Those that run on power cables may trigger a spark of fire if they come into contact with steam.
  • Heating takes some considerable amount of time and one just has to wait the entire period.

How to Use The Machine

First, one would have to sweep the surface with a soft bristle broom so as to remove dirt particles. Thereafter fill the steamer’s canister with fresh water up to the recommended level, plug in your steamer and wait for about 5 minutes as the solution heats up and converts water into pure steam. After you’re done with all settings proceed to switch it on, start working from a single corner then gently move forward till the entire room is covered.

Complete at least 2 sq. feet per session, and after you’re through with the work gently detach the device and put it somewhere safe. Finally, use a dry piece of towel to wipe the entire area. This ensures that any residual moisture content is wiped off to prevent material rot.


This method is only recommended for finished hardwood and sealed floors, don’t attempt to use them with unfinished surfaces that haven’t been treated with varnish or polyurethane. If you ignore this advice, water will seep into the grains thus making them to swell. Likewise, those with old and dilapidated surfaces with too many scratch marks should proceed with care. Water can easily get in and cause rot as there’s no way it can come out again. If you need more info on what you should or shouldn’t do with your hardwood, I recommend checking out and The Floor Executives. They have both been extremely useful in my early learning days. All in all, there are many pros and cons to buying a steam cleaner for your hardwood floor, but there is no doubt that steam cleaning can be a great way of restoring back the natural glimmer of your wooden floor. If you don’t feel like doing the hardwood cleaning yourself, hire a professional service company to do it for you at a cost.

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