What Kind of Vacuums Are Good For Hardwood Floors?

If you wish for your hardwood floors remain shiny and clean for many years, then you will have to choose the best vacuum cleaner for the job. Regular cleaning helps in maintaining the life of your hardwood for a long time and protects it from harm. Dust and other external particles if kept on the floor for too long can not only create a bad environment but also responsible for creating scratches over the floor.

If you will not take care of floors, then they either will need a refinishing or would lose its shine. Therefore, it becomes important to choose the right vacuum. Here are some essential points that you should know while choosing a vacuum cleaner courtesy of Intadogs.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There are mainly two types – canisters and upright. If you have a bad back or lack in mobility, then you should choose an upright cleaner; However, canister vacuum cleaners are best when it comes to vacuuming hardwood floors, at least according to this article on Vacuum Companion.

They are light in weight and have soft rubber wheels that will not damage the floor and are easy to manage in small areas. Nowadays robotic vacuum cleaners are also available that operates on its own.

Dust Bags

Vacuum cleaners that come along with a bag are usually preferred as they have the capacity to hold more dirt and dust. They are also easy to carry if you are allergic to dust. Cleaners without a bag blow back the dust into the air.

Power Setting

If you were cleaning a carpet then obviously, you would be wishing to have a vacuum that has more power. However, when you are cleaning a hardwood floor, you will not need one with too much suction power. They do not have to work too hard on the wooden floor, therefore, less power will also work fine, and they are lighter and cheaper to use.

Hardwood Vacuums

The top choices should be the ones that come with the inbuilt feature especially made for this purpose. Some of the features are:

  • Roller brush that has an option to stop the spinning so that the dust is not blown everywhere.
  • Suction switch that allows you to set the power of the suction
  • Edge cleaner that can make the cleaning process easier

Hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpets and can remain as new for many years if they are cleaned and maintained properly. You may think that there are many rules to find the perfect machine. However, always keep in mind that they have to be the best for you and should be according to your convenience.

This guide contains some of the basic rules that you need to keep in mind, but then everyone has their own requirements. Choose the best hardwood floor vacuum that’s also easy to use and will not put scratch marks over your hardwood floors. You do not need to have every add-on. It just has to be the one that can clean the hardwood floor properly and keep your home looking new for a long time.

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